Strategic Teaching is an organization of more than 50 outstanding educators, dedicated to strengthening teacher quality and the systems in which teachers work.

We have different backgrounds and different areas of expertise, but the thread that ties us together is our dedication to providing a sound education to every student. We know how to audit, align, and implement standards and assessment systems and to help teachers implement those systems in ways that significantly improve learning. 

What matters most is good teaching, but good teachers can fail. To be successful, good teachers need to work in a building with strong leadership and within a system where policies, academic standards, instructional materials, and assessments are aligned. They need easy access to pertinent data and time to use the data to focus teaching. 

We know how to develop capable principals who create an environment of continuous improvement. And, we know how to build teacher content and pedagogical knowledge. Our specialty is turning underachieving schools into high performing schools and underperforming students into active learners ready for college or satisfying careers.


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