Washington State Standards and Curriculum

In 2007 we reviewed Washington’s mathematics standards, using a 4-point rubric for nine different attributes including content match, rigor, grade-to-grade coherence and measurability. We compared Washington’s standards to widely respected state and international documents. Our report explained not only that they needed to be stronger, but offered specific recommendations for doing so.

After the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction drafted new mathematics standards, we had the privilege of revising and polishing the standards one final time.

We include selected reports and deliverables from this project.

Washington State Standards Review

Washington State Second Benchmark Report

Washington State K - 8 Mathematics Standards

Washington State Standards for High School

Review of K-8 Mathematics Texts for Soundness by W. Stephen Wilson

Study of OSPI's K-8 Curriculum Review 

Washington State High School Math Text Review by W. Stephen Wilson

A Review of Four High School Programs by Guershon Harel

Summary Report on Mathematical Soundness by Linda Plattner